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The 1st decentralized and customizable sidechain soluton is live for testing. Learn about Zendoo

The Zendoo sidechain SDK includes all necessary components required for building blockchains and their custom business logic with the Horizen public blockchain as the mainchain.

The Zendoo framework allows developers to focus only on the specific features of their blockchain and applications instead of low-level tasks, making the deployment of a complete blockchain system much easier and faster.

Lambo registry app

A demo blockchain application built by using Zendoo SDK. It supports all Zendoo SDK core features and also introduces custom data and logic.

The Lambo Registry can allow users to store infomation that identifies their vehicle, prove the ownership of their vehicle without disclosing any personal data, as well as buy and sell vehicles. The same concept can apply to other assets such as real estate and collectibles.

This app is an example of how the Zendoo SDK can be extended to support new functionalities. It particularily demostrates:

  • How to introduce custom transactions, boxes, proofs and propositions
  • How to define custom API
  • How to manage cutom types and API endpoints

Check out the Lambo Registry App on Github

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How to build a customized dapp on Horizen

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Required software



Zendoo Beta SDK



Readme instructions to compile SC zend, sync to testnet, and get a test zen address (zt)



Free test ZEN. Make sure you obtained a zt address from the step 3


Java or Scala developers who are familiar with blockchain technology.
  • Install Java 8 or newer, Scala 2.12.x, SBT 0.13.x
  • Download Zendoo Preview SDK
  • Follow instructions in the README file in the SimpleApp folder: Compile SC zend, sync to testnet, and get a test zen address (zt)
  • Get test ZEN. Make sure you obtained a zt address from the step 3
Testnet coins are separate and distinct from actual ZEN, and are never supposed to have any value. tZEN allows application developers or Horizen testers to experiment and test Horizen applications. tZEN cannot be used as an exchange of value.
Your feedback. We want to hear from you, so we can improve our solutions based on your feedback. If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please open an issue on https://github.com/HorizenOfficial/Sidechains-SDK/issues